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So, you think you’ve tried it all, try this!     

What is a “Loofa Body Scrub”?

It’s a skin treatment designed to increase skin’s texture by removing dead skin cells and increasing circulation. This invigorating body scrub will soften the skin and give it a healthier appearance.

What does the procedure entail?

A special loofa powder in a body scrub cream helps tone, deep cleanse, and refine skin’s pores. The body scrub cream will vary depending on the sensitivity of the person’s skin.  It is first applied by hand and then by using a loofa mitt immersed in warm water tempered according to the preference of the client. The skin is gently scrubbed clean.  Towels are then immersed in the water, wrung out and lowered onto the body. They remain there for a couple minutes for maximum benefit. The procedure is repeated on the opposite side.   After your body scrub, you take a shower and return to clean sheets on the table, ready for your massage.

What does it cost to pamper myself?

At a Spa, this treatment would cost $70 to $100.  Getting this treatment before your massage is a bargain at $45!

Loofa Body Scrub - $45

How often should I get a Scrub?

Most people get one about twice a year.  In the spring they get one to remove the dead dry skin of winter, and in the fall to remove the dry dead skin of a summer tan. However, you can schedule one whenever you like.

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